Petrocom Forecourt Contractors Services

As a specialist forecourt contractor, we offer an extensive range of services to our clients.

We provide both Planned and Reactive maintenance services and are able to offer a range of Service Level Agreements with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week cover.If you require any further information or even just want to talk through your ideas, please get in touch with us and we'll be happy to discuss the options available.

We undertake a wide variety of works.  Whether you have a suction or pressure line system in mind, you can be secure in the knowledge that your installation will be completed to the highest standards in accordance with our Quality Management System.  We can design the pipe work system to suit individual site requirements.

Knock down rebuild?  Retank?  Extension or alterations to your sales building?  We will help you achive the solution that best meets the needs of your business and miximises your customers' experience.

Planned Maintenance

•  Tank Inspections and Cleaning
•  Vapour Recovery Inspections
•  Pumps and Sub Pumps

Tank Inspections/ Cleaning/ Water Removal

Cleaning your tanks and removing water from them will be more important than ever over the coming years with the increasing amounts of bio ethanol in spirit and diesel fuels.  We have a range of options to offer from cleaning your tank with our Gamajet Tank Cleaning equipment to dewatering and de-sludging by utilising intrinsically safe equipment and pumps.  We have put together a menu of options to enable Retailers to select the most appropriate service for their budget.

Vapour Recovery Inspections

The issue of a Vapour Recovery Permit tends to stipulate the intervals that the installation should be tested.  Typically this is every three years with a visual inspection in the intervening years. We can manage and complete this programme of works on your behalf to ensure compliance with your permit.

Pumps and Sub Pumps

Maintenance of your pumps may usually be part of an annual maintenance agreement with call outs with agreed service level agreements.  Annual cleaning of your dispenser pump filters can, in the long run, improve the performance of your pumps and save you money with reduced call outs.  For pressure sites we can maintain and repair Red Jacket and FE Petro sub pumps.

Reactive Maintenance

•  Fabrics
•  Pipe Work
•  Gauges


We can undertake repairs to the forecourt and the stores such as damaged drainage channels, concrete repairs, replacement manway covers, brickwork and general maintenance such as replacement shop tiles, blocked drains etc.

Pipe Work

We can attend call outs ranging from line testing, investigating drain back on suction lines, fill pipe adaptor and overfill prevention device replacement, replacing PV valves and vent cowls, checking water ingress to tanks and replacing gaskets.


For those organisations who do not wish to enter into gauge maintenance agreements, Petrocom, in conjunction with our partners, offers maintenance and repairs on an ad hoc basis potentially reducing operational costs.  Our engineers can attend to all types of gauge equipment including Veeder Root, OPW, 4Tech and Franklin Fueling.


Our installations teams undertake a wide variety of works including:

•  Tanks & Pipe Work
•  Pumps (Dispensers)
•  Submersible Pumps
•  Gauges
•  AdBlue
•  Grade Changes

Tanks & Pipe Work

Whether you require above ground or below ground tanks, suction, pressure or stage II pipework  you can be secure in the knowledge that your installation will be completed to the highest standards in accordance with our Quality Management System.  We design the pipe work system to suit individual site requirements ensuring minimum length pipe runs and tank depths.

We are approved installers of UPP, Durapipe and KPS pipe work for single and secondary contained systems working with different types of Manway Access Chambers including Fibrelite, Berry’s Atlas System and the fusion chamber system from PetroTechnik.

Pumps and Re-Pumps (Dispensers)

Installation of new pumps is usually a straightforward task however depending on the existing infrastructure an element of civil and pipe works are involved.  Petrocom can adapt existing pipe work to suit new pump cradle arrangements, complete all the necessary civils and coordinate electrical works to ensure that your re-pump is completed quickly and economically.

Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumping systems for pressurised lines tend to come in the form of either Red Jacket or  FE Petro and generally are extremely reliable.  We have many years’ experience of installing and maintaining these systems and can install replacement units in their entirety or certain parts that are required.


We are trained installers of Franklin Fueling Calibri and EVO electronic tank contents gauges along with Veeder Root TLS products; from simple inventory only systems to full reconciliation packages with Electronic Line Leak Detection and monitoring sensors we can offer you the package to suit your site requirements.


Euro IV and Euro V are standards set by the EU to control emission of pollutants from heavy-duty vehicles. The advent of these standards has seen an increase in investment of AdBlue storage solutions. We are experienced in installing AdBlue tanks and pumps together with the pre-requisite pipe work for above and below ground storage facilities.  Petrocom was one of the first companies to complete an underground AdBlue tank installation in the UK.

Grade Changes

We can help you optimise your existing tank capacity and infrastructure to improve instances of ‘stock-outs’.  We can undertake all works associated with grade changes including a free site survey.

Civil Works / General Construction

Petrocom can undertake an extensive range of forecourt civil engineering works incorporating tank installations, forecourt concrete surfacing, kerbing, forecourt separator and drainage, canopy bases, ducting, foundations, jet wash and car wash bays. We are also able to undertake the deep excavation and installation of site specific designed shoring systems necessary for the installation of underground fuel storage tanks.  All our experienced staff are fully qualified and trained to deliver to the highest standards... Safely.

Design and Build

Petrocom can offer a variety of options regarding the development of your site. Whether you require a Design and Build package or have a set of fixed drawings, we can provide you with a bespoke package working alongside you to ensure that the end result matches the needs of your business and provides you with a quality build.  A ‘Value Engineering’ approach is employed to ensure the project will deliver its intended outcome within budget.

Site Decommissioning

Our services include temporary tank decommissioning and tank removal, depending upon your requirements.  We will liaise fully with the Petroleum Officer on your behalf.  All works are completed in accordance with guidance in the latest edition of the Blue Book (Design, Modification and Maintenance of Petrol Filling Stations).

Project Management

Petrocom is able to draw on many years' experience of project management within the retail petroleum sector.  Our expertise ranges from undertaking small projects that may only involve minor maintenance, for example developing a vapour recovery programme or coordinating electrical testing, to major redevelopments of sites including sales building construction and fit out.